Speaking Topics

Karen Davis Dental Industry Speaking Topics


Dental Industry Speaker Karen DavisDental Industry Speaker Karen Davis brings timely, innovative and insightful messages to the stage that leaves audiences laughing, learning and leveraging the information Karen delivers to create vital change and implement success strategies within their organizations.  Here are just some of her top requested topics…

♦ America’s Sweet Tooth Obsession & Its Impact on Oral & Systemic Health

  • Slashing sugar is imperative to your health – Discover why
  • The art of becoming a label detective
  • Pros and cons of sugar alternatives
  • Preventing caries & remineralizing tooth structure

♦ Creating the Ultimate Doctor-Patient Hygiene Exam

  • Screenings to discover priorities
  • Continuity that drives case acceptance
  • Enrollment skills for treatment prior to symptoms
  • Gaining commitment & closure

 ♦ Think Outside the Mouth – Treatment Planning for Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment

  • Merging oral-systemic data into treatment decisions
  • Customized treatment to reduce risks and achieve optimal results
  • Integration of salivary diagnostics into treatment
  • Establishing disease remission

 ♦ Antioxidant Arsenals for the Management of Dental Diseases

  • Why free radicals and oxidative stress matters
  • What diet’s got to do with health and disease
  • Antioxidant hype versus science
  • Localized antioxidants for the oral cavity

♦ Oral Cancer Screenings – If Not You, Then Who? Interactive Workshop

  • What our patients say about our screenings
  • Reality check about Oral Cancer statistics
  • Technologies to advance early detection
  • Hand-on application and screenings

♦ Pathways to Health Through Reduction of Risk Factors

  • Connecting the dots of prostaglandins, Omega 3’s & C-Reactive proteins
  • Culprits to disease progression
  • Merging health and wellness into treatment
  • Risk assessments and lifestyle changes

 ♦ It’s Not What You Say – Or Is It?  Communication & Enrollment Skills for the Dental Team

  • Replacing verbal graffiti with power words and phrases
  • Formula for managing objections
  • Technology to enhance our messages
  • One-size-does-not-fit-all for effective communication

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